In this clip from – Kevin Fitz-Gerald, Associate Professor of Keyboard Collaborative Arts and Keyboard Studies at the University of Southern California, shares important characteristics of a music teacher. At a young age, a teacher should focus on building the foundation of playing. Fitz-Gerald explains that in Canada, the conservatory system teaches technique in a standardized and progressive format. However, in the United States, it is left up to the teacher and student. The teacher should also build a love of music and introduce their students to a lot of different music. Also in this segment, Fitz-Gerald emphasizes that the teacher must be right for the individual. He points out that a teacher that works well with people is a good early teacher. Eventually, the student will move up to a teacher with a higher sense of technique. This could be through recommendations. Fitz-Gerald also discusses students who become burned out. They had an early start on their instrument. However, by the time they become an adult, they are burned out from the work that’s involved.