In this clip from – Clay Chaplin, from the California Institute of the Arts, talks about the digital recording studio class at Cal Arts. The class is made up of primarily music technology students. However, Chaplin points out that the studio is a space available to all music students. There are many students from other areas of interest such as world music and jazz. Additionally, he explains that student experience varies. There are experienced and new students. The challenge is blending those and creating an atmosphere where students exchange ideas on their own. Chaplin also comments on why the studio is digital. The studio needs to keep up with the current industry set up. Learning the industry standard tools is important. However, Chaplin explains that the studio is still a blend of analog and digital. He touches on the fact that students are quite computer savvy as well. Chaplin also stresses microphone techniques. He comes from a purist approach. Also in this segment, some students from the digital recording studio class talk about their experiences. One student explains that a personal laptop studio is completely different from working in a real studio. It is of an entirely different quality. The student also points out that exposure to recording allows one to communicate on the same level. He also talks about his approach. He comes from the background of a lot of plug ins. His opinion on records versus CDs is covered as well. Another student talks about his approach too. He tends to be of the purist approach like Chaplin.