In this clip from – Arny Schorr works at S’more Entertainment, a music and video B-to-B distribution company based in California that specialilizes in compilation reissues of classic television programs. Prior to this, he spent sixteen years at Rhino Home Video, where he grew the brand into a $22m per year business. He is considered one of the first people to explore the synergistic possibilities between music and home video entertainment.
Music and DVD industry veteran Arny Schorr has created a new company called S’more Entertainment. Santa Barbara-based S’more has licensed more than 50 titles and three TV series for DVD and more than a dozen CD titles. The company plans to acquire and release a mix of classic TV programming, long form music, and selected feature films. Titles coming this year including movies featuring Traci Lords, Jim Varney, and David Hasselhoff; TV series such as Mr. Peepers, starring Wally Cox; Good Morning, World, featuring Goldie Hawn; and others that include stars such as Dom DeLuise and Walter Matthau; and long-form music programs with Nazareth and B.B. King.