In this clip from – Buddy Brundo begins this segment by discussing his career in the music industry. He covers the different positions available in a recording studio. At Conway Recording Studios there is a traffic manager, three technicians, a number of second engineers that are outside independent contractors, and six runners that assist the assistants. Eventually runners can help with work in the studio such as setting up and taking down microphones. Mr. Brundo emphasizes that recording is very precise and to learn this precision takes starting to work for a studio from the ground level. He talks about how to get a runner job and that personality plays a huge role in working as a runner. He also discusses the job duties for the assistant engineer. An assistant engineer must cover the bases for the engineer and pay close attention to detail. Mr. Brundo gives advice about how to get into the music industry and stresses the importance of knowing the technical aspects of the job. He also covers what he thinks is the first step in getting a job in recording and what the future of the music industry looks like.