In this clip from – In this panel discussion held at a 2008 meeting of the AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers Forum), moderator Don Passman and panelists Peter Paterno, Simon Renshaw and Jonathan Haft discuss the recent vogue for so-called “360 deals” in the record industry, where a label seeks profit participation in all revenue streams an artists’s work generates (including touring, merchandise, publishing, likeness rights, etc., in addition to traditional income streams). Passman discusses the origin of 360 deals, why they have become popular, and poses a question for the panel: are 360 deals a naked land grab by record labels, or a legitimate and measured strategy by record labels to continue to offer artists the services they render in such a way as to keep the bottom line in the black? Passman then addresses the question of whether 360 deals are good for artists and labels by posing a hypothetical situation about an artist seeking a deal, and asking the panelists to justify their position for or against a 360 deal — and the need for a record deal at all — in this specific instance. This evolves into a frank, funny, and sometimes shocking discussion of how record deals are negotiated and payments made in today’s music industry.