In this clip from – In this seminar from a meeting of the American Bar Association in 2007, panelists Milton Williams, Nicholas Valner, Sandra A. Cranshaw-Sparks, and Stan Soocher conduct a review of a number of recent landmark cases in the field of entertainment law. Among the suits under discussion are: copyright infringement suits brought by the screenwriters of the film Dodgeball; a brief review of copyright cases against internet companies in order to identify the current meaning of “fair use” as applied to internet-distributed materials and parodies; suits against Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, the estate of Marilyn Monroe, the estate of Bob Marley and others which explore different sides of contract rights, theft of intellectual property, and celebrity image use rights; the ongoing set of lawsuits by Apple Records against Apple Computer; the lawsuit brought by the band Hawthorne Heights against their label; and more.